Viewlix Clone Arcade Review

While it may be difficult for a younger generation to imagine now, with high-powered gaming PCs and the latest generation of HD gaming consoles, at one time the only place you could experience the best gaming technology was in an arcade.

While we got to play home console versions of games like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, the hardware in our home consoles were much less powerful. This meant that the animation, sound, and fluidity of action that made the arcade experience so intense was lost at home.

On top of this, arcade sticks were the pinnacle of game controls at the time and few but the wealthy could afford a CRT screen as big as some arcade machines were equipped with. For most of us growing up in the golden age of arcades, these machines were aspirational and actually owning one seemed like an impossible dream.

While you can use an emulation system like MAME along with replica arcade sticks and your LCD TV to play these games today, there is something special about a professionally-built arcade cabinet.

These are perfect for game rooms, club houses, or anywhere else you have space. Nothing beats playing Street Fighter II shoulder to shoulder with your opponent – with the sound pumping and onlookers cheering you on.

These machines may be expensive, but if you have the money they can be a centerpiece of your entertainment area.

The Best Home Arcade: Viewlix Clone Arcade

To say that I had to think long and hard about which arcade machine I would buy with my own money is an understatement. This is the one section of the site that I left until the very last moment to write, simply because when you are spending this much money you need to spend it right.

The Viewlix is an expensive toy at nearly four thousand dollars. It’s meant to be an investment, since it’s coin-operated out of the box. Presumably it will pay for itself. It’s completely possible to equip it with a freeplay button, but it’s clear the machine is intended for commercial use. That means you can expect something rugged and the maker says that the sticks, which take the most wear, are competition-grade.

The thing that most made me doubt my decision was the fact that this cabinet is not made to resemble a traditional arcade cabinet. If an authentic look to your arcade cabinet is important to you, then the Viewlix is going to be a disappointment. It uses a 32” LCD screen, which makes a classic cabinet impossible. All modern arcade clones use LCDs, but usually ones with a more square aspect rather than widescreen.

Have Your Cake and Eat It

The upside of the layout means that you can play both vertical and horizontal arcade games. There may, however, be some stretching in some games thanks to the screen aspect. Still, it’s hard to find a single arcade cabinet clone that will pull off both horizontal and vertical games, which means that the Viewlix is one of the most versatile clones you can get.

The sound system is also amazing, with really pumping audio and that bright widescreen. In a way it’s the best of both worlds – old school feel with modern quality.

Even some trackball titles like Neo Geo Golf will work with the setup, without a trackball. Some trackball and lightgun games will not work, however, since this system does not have a port to attach them.

The game selection is amazing. The main beat-em-ups are present and accounted for as well as arcade favorites like Galaga and Ms. Pacman.

The whole system is on wheels and can be partially disassembled to get it through narrow doors.

If you can get past the slight lack of authenticity, this is the ultimate arcade experience money can buy today.